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Most drycleaners use similar process to clean your garments – what differentiate them are their cleaning knowledge and quality control. The experienced drycleaners are able to pull more tricks out of their sleeves. Typically smaller establishments would have better quality control and higher prices. Larger volume shops operate at a lower cost, therefore, may offer a lower price, but also may be less picky on the details. It is up to the customers’ discretion on choosing the right drycleaner according to their needs. At Airdire Drycleaning and Alterations, our priority is the quality of our products while keeping our prices at a competitive level.

Typical Cleaning Process

To help our customers understand and appreciate the work performed on their garments, below is a cleaning process summary that fills in the blanks between customer drop-off and pick-up.

  • Garments are inspected for damage and pre-treated with penetrating solvent if necessary.
  • According to the fabric type and condition, garments are sorted for the best cleaning process.
  • Garments are cleaned and dried in machines. For heavily soiled items, multiple cleaning cycles might be required.
  • Cleaned garments are sorted and go through another visual inspection.
  • For stains that cannot be removed in the cleaning machines, manual treating process is required using specific solvents to target the stubborn stains.
  • The manually cleaned garments then go through another visual inspection to ensure all the stains are removed.
  • The garments are pressed by different finishing machines. Some heat sensitive fabrics will be pressed by handheld iron only.
  • The pressed items will go through a quality inspection.
  • Garments are packaged and filed.