Formal Fashion Services

Achieving your perfect fit in any look is our number one priority!  To achieve this, it requires professional skill and experience with no short cuts!  As a professional tailoring team, we believe when altering gowns that are made to fit your body, it requires precision work and professional machinery.  At Embrace Bridal, we specialize in formal alterations, that will require multiple fittings. This is by appointment only, so you will have to call us directly to check our availability as soon as you know your schedule. For wedding gowns, please budget 1.5 months from your wear/leave date, for your first fitting. For other formal gowns, please budget 3-4 weeks before your wear/leave date, for your first fitting.

What are formal alterations?

Formal alterations are alterations that are done on formal wear such as: wedding gowns, bridesmaids gowns, and prom gowns.  When dealing with intricate details, multiple layers, and fine fabric, it should always be handled with care and by an expert with experience.  Formal alterations will require an appointment, as our head seamstress is by appointment only.

Why should you have your alterations done by us?

We are one of the only few shops in Alberta, that employs a team of 4 full time seamstresses, who will all work on site.  Our head seamstress has over 30 years of professional formal wear experience, and will work very closely with the team on each project.  This is the only way to ensure that we will always meet deadlines and have multiple resources to help our clients!

While we understand that alteration prices will vary from place to place, we are a licensed store front, and when dealing with us, know that you are working with a team of people, and we will do what is necessary to make sure that you are taken care of!

When should I book my first fitting?

First fittings are by appointment only. This is when a seamstress will have the first look at your gown to see what needs to be done.  At this appointment, she will pin what is needed, and will schedule you your second fitting to come back to try it on after the alterations have been done.  First fittings on wedding gowns are requested to be booked 1.5 months from your wear/leave date.  Bridesmaids or prom is requested 3-4 weeks from your wear/leave date. This is to ensure that your measurements remain as true as possible, which will give us enough time to make any adjustments if necessary.

Can I get a price quote first before going ahead with alterations?

We understand that it is important to budget out your alteration expenses, so very often, most people will require a consult far ahead of time. Please call our store directly to schedule a consult.  A consult is when our seamstress will have a look at your gown without pinning.  We will then give you a consult sheet that you can take with you, and if you decide to go ahead with us, you will need to book a first fitting to come back at a later time.

What about every day alterations?

Every day alterations are alterations that are done on simple things such as: pants, shirts, repair rips, etc.  We have a store front right next to us: Airdrie Alterations, that will take walk-ins.  You can drop off your every day wear to get altered. No appointment necessary.